Eliahi Priest Post


To the Attorney General of Australia, the very Dishonorable George Brandis.

from: Eliahi Priest <el@contactzero.org>
to: attorney@ag.gov.au
date: Fri, Sep 30, 2016 at 12:47 PM
subject: Fwd: SEC: CLASSIFIED:: Legal Prosecution of
the Australian Federal Government
for terrorism, breaches of international law &
failure to uphold public office
under the Australian Constitution & it’s
international obligations as a United Nations Member State.

Key Points.

In 2009 I was in a relationship with a British Intelligence Officer​ & invited to join the SIS. I declined.

Through these channels I gained a background on Lord David James of Blackheath – see links.

Lord James was nominated for Lordship by Sir John Scarlett. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Scarlett



I was working directly as point man for Lord James (his mobile phone number or introduction can be made available on request). ​

CIA Agent Marlon McCall notified Lord James of Former President Barrack Obama’s meeting with Former Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011 over this issue before the meet was announced in the press.

The Lord Strathclyde – https://en.wikipedia.org/…/Thomas_Galbraith,_2nd_Baron_Stra… – the next day after this meeting informed Lord James that in investigating this issue further he was “now interfering with the highest threat to British Security since WW2.”



The Nugan Hand Merchant Bank

Short Summary​ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0GgF3Z3lSQ

Here is a long but thorough case study – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQBOMNCncVw

In the evidence linked in Drop Box below, and notably the (verified) FBI Investigation on the CIA for then Senator Edward Kennedy, it mentions 5 Key Men who set up the Cocaine Drug Smuggling Operation linked to Nugan Hand.

Former US President Geor​ge Bush Senior.

Edward Lansdale – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Lansdale – (Who we know met hand)

General Robert L Ferrera (aka General Lorin William Rosier) – of LWR Gotsa Pureheart Foundation (Lord James Foundation X)

Richard Armitage – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Armitage_(politician)

​Richard Colby – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Colby

You will note that Richard Colby’s business card was found inside the pocket of the corpse of Frank Nugan.​ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_John_Nugan
ALL BACKGROUND FILES CAN BE FOUND VIA THE DROP BOX LINK HERE: https://www.dropbox.com/…/sa399e…/AAAKFlLobswvOtIIfHH1xqi3a…
– SENT – 20.10.2016

SEC: UNCLASSIFIED :: Prosecution of the Australian Government for Terrorist related offenses.



Official Announcement of the Prosecution of the Australian Government for the Support of Terrorist Activities and War Crimes
This 20th Day of October 2016 – This Investigation and subsequent case is Protected under the Vienna Convention, and UN Laws of International Peacekeeping

In Support of Declaration of Human Rights & Peaceful truly Democratic International relationships.


To the Australian Establishment,

Those Listed,

This is an application for Justice tendered to the High Courts of Australia, with oversight from the Australian Law Council.

With transparency and public notary to sections of the Australian Media, with oversight from the Press Council of Australia.

LAW TENDERED UNDER: Division 101 of the Criminal Code Act 1995 (the Criminal Code) details terrorist act offences under Australian law.

It is a terrorist act offence to:

commit a terrorist act

plan or prepare for a terrorist act

finance terrorism or a terrorist

provide or receive training connected with terrorist acts

possess things connected with terrorist acts

collect or make documents likely to facilitate terrorist acts.

I will further argue that it is an offence to “cover-up” terrorist related offences and continue to be allied with Countries involved in terrorist related offences, as has been committed in full measure by the Australian Government.

With Key Parties in the Australia Federal Government Officially Served and on Notice.

On September 1st 2016, The Office of Bill Shorten was the first to receive the documents attached. Previously this Intelligence had been seen by high sections of the United Nations, The White House, Interpol, the FBI and others.

Over the course of the past 50 days, most sections of the Australian Government, including Prime Minister Turnbull, Foreign Minister Bishop, Hon Tony Abbott, the Attorney General of Australia & The Governor General of Australia, the Australia Secret Intelligence Service and the Inspector General for Intelligence and Security, as of 2 days ago over 50 federal members of parliament were also held accountable for a response.

It is worthy to note that the Defence Ministry of Canada personally requested these documents as attached below:

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 1:54 PM, <DND_MND@forces.gc.ca> wrote:


Unfortunately we did not receive any attachments with your e-mail , and we would therefore invite you to resend them.


Minister’s Correspondence Unit

National defence

Where matters of National Security are concerned, where a former President of the United States has law and evidence against him pursuant to treason against the Executive Office of the United States, where Illegal Narcotics were smuggled into the United States to finance Central Intelligence Agency clandestine Ops.

Where a Clandestine Banking Infrastructure was established to trade funds (The 5 Star Trust) to finance terrorist related activities.

Where this fund ($15 Trillion USD) was illegally held with the Royal Bank of Scotland (Global) in 2009 during the height of the Global Financial Crisis.

Where Australian Banks and the Australian Reserve Bank continue to collude with the International Monetary Fund, and the Federal Reserve Bank tied to the Interest of these Clandestine Funds – held in banking terminology as “Chinese Boxes”.

This heinous behaviour, International War and Banking Crimes are henceforth being held under Global Scrutiny, in the public trust, for the public good and in the public Interest, in support of the United Nations Human Rights charter, and protected by the Integrity of the Vienna Convention.

An advocate of the Australian Government is ordered by Law pursuant to the Criminal Codes Act of 1995, to respond or rebut the argument with fact, evidence and Law within 10 days of receipt of this email, receipt is confirmed with intelligence Internet Protocol tracking.

The High Court is Advised that this issue is to be heard under the Obligations of your Office, mandatory to the Constitution of Australia specifically Chapter 3 of the Judicature.

Agents of the Australian Press Council are advised that your office under your constitution is obligated to hold the Australian Media Accountable to report journalism in the public interest. This Information is hereby of authority to be of the public interest.

You are all obligated under International Law pursuant to NATO treaties to read and respond and report on the below – taking action as mandatory by law under your operational policies pursuant to the democratic process of good Governance.

It is an utter travesty of justice that it has come down to this. That not one member of the Australian Government had the foresight or strength of character to do the right thing, the Australian thing.

We live in the lucky country, and I damn sure intend to protect it, where none of the elected representatives have the stomach.

I await my nations response.

Lest We Forget,

Eliahi Priest


SECURITY NOTICE: This email and its contents are security cleared COSMIC TOP SECRET (CTS) ~ all parties listed in the thread are afforded clearance by way of virtue in regards to the integrity and the importance of the information being shared. All communications are protected under all articles of the Vienna Convention. Henceforth all interfering parties (Government, military or civilian) with signals directorate and listening capabilities surveilling this information are formerly held on notice for participation in criminal activity that undermines the fair legal democratic information sharing in this email. All criminal activity will be reported to the PENTAGON, FBI & INTERPOL with the full force of international law being enforced against you under diplomatic treaty rights that CONTACTZERO has cleared with the SIS as part of its ongoing peace operations. Thank you & have a nice day.

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